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SCLinx is a management consulting firm specializing in executive supply chain coaching for oilfield services companies.

We believe oilfield supply chains can deliver competitive advantage to products and services companies only when their goals are anchored in the customer’s requirements. Our approach is to coach supply chain leaders and their teams to create agile oilfield service supply chains that deliver products and services as promised to the customer.

We believe competitive advantage is achieved by pursuing excellence in planning, repeatable execution, and by anchoring the supply chain in the customer’s needs.

Planning and execution improvement must focus on the links in the value chain. If the links are tightened, we can reduce inventory, lower costs and shrink lead times. If the links in the value chain are loose, we must compensate with wasteful inventory investment, higher costs, and extended lead times.

Our coaching helps companies implement Customer-Anchored Supply Chains

Gary Flaharty
Managing Partner – Energy


Noman Waheed
Managing Partner – Energy

Gary Flaharty is a founder and a managing partner at SCLinx Incorporated. Prior to starting SCLinx, he worked at Baker Hughes Incorporated for thirty-three years including three years as vice president of materials and fifteen years as vice president of investor relations.

Gary has diverse executive experience both as an investor relations officer and as a supply-chain executive. He empowers diverse teams to collaborate to solve business challenges and deliver results and create value. His goal is to charter teams with the right mix of skilled professionals, clear objectives, and the right processes, tools, and data to succeed at simplifying the problem at hand and making the very complex comprehensible and manageable.

Gary holds bachelors’ degrees in computer science and mathematics and an MBA in operations management and management information systems from the University of Houston. He lives in Houston with his wife, Kim. They have one son, Sean, a 2014 graduate of Auburn University. In his free time, Gary enjoys University of Houston football, basketball and baseball, serving at Bellaire United Methodist Church and photography. Gary is also a director of the Texas Southern University Wesley Foundation and former president of Westbury Little League.

Noman Waheed is a founder and a managing Partner at SCLinx Incorporated. Prior to starting SCLinx, he worked as a strategy consultant at Accenture for twenty years and notable is his two years as a Vice President of Sales and Operations Planning at Baker Hughes where he redesigned the planning organization with new processes, supporting technology and organization. Mr. Waheed has extensive experience transforming Fortune 100 companies’ supply chains. He has worked in multiple industry verticals but his passion has always been the Energy Sector.

Noman’s greatest strengths are his knowledge of supply chain and it’s application in the Oil Field Services (OFS). He is creative, driven and sought out for his thought leadership. He thrives on challenges, particularly those that expand the company’s reach. His most recent accomplishment involved creating Sales & Operations strategy for Baker Hughes where demand and supply was balanced across all product lines globally.

Noman holds a bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering and masters degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from University of Illinois. He lives in Houston and in his free time, Noman likes climbing mountains, long distance bicycle riding and motorcycle touring.

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